Singer Maxwell performs onstage during the 2009 BET Awards.

Singer Maxwell performs onstage during the 2009 BET Awards.

Is Maxwell the Marvin Gaye of the ’90s?


But Vanity Fair also recently compared him to Marie Kondo.

Maxwell (whose full name is Gerald Maxwell Rivera) helped define neo-soul with lilting vocals, laid-back instrumentals and smoldering sensuality.

Now, he’s re-releasing a series of rare EPs, the last of which comes out later this week.

Listen to one here:

He told Vanity Fair about his approach to making music:

“I’ve always been into putting my head down and putting the time in,” the neo-soul singer Maxwell said in a recent interview. He was talking about preparations for an upcoming tour and why he’s keeping its details mum for a while, but he quickly realized that he could be talking about his entire career. “That’s why I go away so long, at times, because I just know what it takes to get into it. I’d rather not do it at all, than do it half-a—d.”

We catch up with him about his songs and his plans to tour this summer.

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  • Maxwell Singer-songwriter; pioneer of the neo-soul movement; @_MAXWELL_

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