Listen to this.

That’s soul artist Lee Fields. And although you may not have heard of him before, it’s likely you’ve heard his music.

Artists like A$AP Rocky and J.Cole have sampled Fields in their songs.

Rolling Stone notes that Travis Scott’s first hit, “Antidote,” includes a Fields sample.

Fields has been recording since 1969. His songs shine with catchy hooks and pulsing bass lines.

He told Rolling Stone this, about the inspiration for the record:

“Wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing if it rained love everywhere and everybody got wet?” Fields asks. “That would be a beautiful place to live in, where everyone has compassion, everyone is drenched with love. Of course, that’s a dream world. But I can dream, can’t I?”

In 2016, NPR Music said that Fields was at “the peak of his emotive craft” in this song, “Never Be Another You.”

We talk to him about his long career in music, his new release “It Rains Love” and how he’s spreading old soul to new generations.

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  • Lee Fields Singer and songwriter, Lee Fields & The Expressions; @LeeFields12

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