Guest Host: Todd Zwillich

Author and professor Michael Mandelbaum argues that the world saw true peace beginning in 1989, with the end of the Cold War.

This peace, he says, ended in 2014. In The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth, Mandelbaum writes that Russia, China and Iran ended it through aggressive military behavior and policies that pushed nationalism.

What will it take to return to the peace the world saw 30 years ago, and how peaceful was the world then, really? What is America’s role in fostering — or hindering — a peaceful global order?

Join us, as we talk to Mandelbaum about his book and the ever-so-simple topic of global peace.


  • Michael Mandelbaum Christian A. Herter Professor Emeritus of American Foreign Policy, The John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; author, "The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth"

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