These are a few of the objects you told us you would save. You can <a href="">read more about your valuable objects here</a>.

These are a few of the objects you told us you would save. You can read more about your valuable objects here.

If your home were on fire — if you had to flee from disaster — what would you take with you? Years ago, this may have been a prized family photo or a box of important documents. But today, these objects are usually digitized. The cloud holds them for us.

But what can’t be replaced? An heirloom, maybe, like jewelry from a grandparent? Or perhaps a keepsake that can’t be replaced, like a trophy won from a harrowing competition or a beloved stuffed animal? Or maybe it’s something you’ve made — that you’ve imbued with a unique meaning, like a journal or a movie ticket stub from a first date.

For their book What We Keep Bill Shapiro and Naomi Wax asked 150 people, from Ta-Nehisi Coates to Cheryl Strayed, what objects mean the most to them.

What makes an object meaningful? And what does it mean to lose that object?

Produced by Avery Kleinman.

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  • Jennifer Battle Hurricane Harvey Survivor; Program Director, Crisis Services, The Harris Center; @battle4justice
  • Bill Shapiro Author, "What We Keep"; @Bill_Shapiro
  • Christian Burgess Director, Disaster Distress Helpline; @cburgessDDH

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