Service members often experience traumatic and isolating events. Some are making sense of their experiences — and making peace with them — through humor and creative writing.

Sam Pressler’s nonprofit Armed Services Arts Partnership teaches veterans storytelling and writing skills in order to bring them a sense of community and an outlet for coping.

And can coming home from war inspire … comedy?

ASAP’s most popular program is their comedy boot camp for veterans. It’s featured in the new audio documentary, “Strong Ending”.

When flashbacks of the front lines won’t fade, how can jokes and poetry help veterans readjust?

Produced by Bianca Martin.


  • Meg Mitcham Veteran, US Army; Alumnus, ASAP Comedy Bootcamp; @Mak5165
  • Sam Pressler Executive Director, Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP)
  • William Schuth Poetry editor, The Deadly Writers Patrol journal; veteran, US Marine Corps

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