Leaders, listen up.

There are characteristics of an employee with great potential you’re likely overlooking. Like vulnerability. And empathy. And exploring these traits within yourself makes you a better leader, too.

So says researcher Brené Brown in her newest book called “Dare To Lead.” It’s about the potential for what she calls “brave leadership” and helping employees let their guard down to be themselves in the workplace.

From an excerpt she posted on LinkedIn::

Here’s what surprised me the most: The greatest barrier to courageous leadership is not fear. In fact, some of the bravest leaders we interviewed told us that they experience fear every day. The biggest barrier to daring leadership is how we respond to our fear — it’s our armor that gets in the way.

The thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that we use to protect ourselves when we aren’t willing and able to rumble with vulnerability move us out of alignment with our values, corrode trust with our colleagues and teams, and prevent us from being our most courageous selves.

How can each of us lead in a way that makes our coworkers feel comfortable and heard?

Produced by Avery J.C. Kleinman. Text by Gabrielle Healy.


  • Brené Brown Author, "Dare To Lead"; Research Professor, University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work; @BreneBrown

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