In 1998, Peter Sagal burst into our lives proudly exclaiming, “thank you, Carl,” at the beginning of “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me,” the beloved NPR show. “Wait Wait” now has about six million listeners who come for the quizzes and stay for the witty banter.

But what you might not know about Sagal is that he wrote the sequel to Dirty Dancing —
“Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.” He also had dinner with Stormy Daniels in 2005, who he says was “hilarious and smart as a whip and could tell a story like nobody’s business.”

Things haven’t always been smooth for Sagal. He’s public about his depression and a divorce. Through it all, he continued to host a weekly comedy program.

Peter Sagal joins us to talk twenty years of “Wait Wait.”


  • Peter Sagal Host, "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me" from NPR and WBEZ

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