Last week, the Supreme Court essentially said states could decide whether or not to legalize gambling on college and professional sports.

Americans already bet up to an estimated $380 billion on sports a year. And legislatures are expected to scramble to approve betting, opening a new line of revenue.

But as The Ringer reports, legalized sports gambling could look like legalized marijuana, with only the big operations able to meet the regulatory demand.

Will states jump at the new opportunity? Or is the safest bet no bet at all?


  • David Purdum Staff writer, ESPN; @DavidPurdum
  • Victor Matheson Professor of economics, College of the Holy Cross
  • Matt Kalish Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder, DraftKings; @mattkalish
  • James Plousis Chairman, New Jersey Casino Control Commission
  • Kathleen McGee Counsel, Lowenstein Sandler; former Internet and Technology Bureau Chief, New York State Attorney General; @_KathleenMcGee

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