Comedians Hari Kondabolu and Franchesca Ramsey want to make you laugh. But they also want to make you think and take action toward changing the world.

Kondabolu’s new Netflix stand-up comedy special “Warn Your Relatives” pits his aggressively progressive politics against Trump-era policies while offering a humorous window into the Asian-American experience.

Ramsey’s new book “Well, That Escalated Quickly” describes how she came to learn that comedy could be used as an educational tool off the success of her MTV series “Decoded,” which explains and debunks persistent myths and stereotypes.

Ramsey and Kondabolu join us to talk about their latest projects and their dual roles as comedians and activists.


  • Hari Kondabolu Comedian; co-host, Kondabolu Brothers podcast; Netflix special “Warn Your Relatives;” @harikondabolu
  • Franchesca Ramsey Host, "MTV Decoded;" comedian; video blogger; author, "Well, That Escalated Quickly;" @chescaleigh

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