Thirty-six years ago, Tom Peters co-authored a book that offered hope to a suffering American economy.

“When In Search of Excellence was published in 1982, America’s mood was dire. Recession raged, unemployment stood at 10.8 percent, the highest since the Great Depression, and Japan’s mighty keiretsu was threatening a wide range of American industries, from automobile manufacturers and banks to electronics firms and steelmakers.”

—from The Excellence Dividend by Tom Peters

With practical, ground-level advice for managers (quick decision making, lean staff, close customer relationships), In Search of Excellence became an international bestseller. You’ll still find it on the bookshelves of corner office occupiers today.

But Peters wants today’s employers to make room on the shelf for a new text. His latest book, The Excellence Dividend, updates his recommendations for a modern workplace. Spoiler alert: things aren’t as different in 2018 as you might imagine.

Peters joins us to talk about why — even with all of today’s tech innovations and a booming economy — people are still the main ingredient for companies who want to succeed and sustain excellence.


  • Tom Peters Author of more than a dozen books on business management, including the international bestseller, "In Search of Excellence" and his most recent, "The Excellence Dividend"; @tom_peters

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