Guest Host: John Donvan

How did YouTube go from this, its first video …

… to a platform that feeds disturbing videos and conspiracy theories to young children, all while a video game vlogger shares racial slurs and racist pranks with tens of millions of visitors and another network star shows his followers a dead body?

YouTube reaches more than 80 percent of Internet users, and the controversies listed above have brought new scrutiny to the network.

It’s a powerful combination of advanced algorithms and payments to creators that keeps people posting and consuming. But even though it controls the servers and the checkbook, is YouTube really in control of its content?


  • Renee DiResta Policy specialist, Data for Democracy; @noUpside
  • Louise Matsakis Staff writer, WIRED; @lmatsakis
  • Anthony D'Angelo Board member, Internet Creators Guild; his YouTube channel is "Lego-Shark-Productions"; @coolwebfriend

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