If climate change continues unabated, then we’ll see some drastic effects: flooding, storms, drought, famine and more.

But if we humans got ourselves into this mess, can we get ourselves out?

Some researchers think it might be possible. Through a process called geoengineering, they’re hoping to find ways to use science and design to mitigate the effects of climate change.

It wouldn’t be easy. Besides requiring a series of grand projects, it would mean a dedicated commitment to keep the works going. And there are doubts it would even work.

Can the same devotion to advancement that damaged the environment protect us from it as well?


  • Jacob Brogan Writer, Slate's Future Tense partnership; @Jacob_Brogan
  • Silvia Ribeiro Latin America Director, ETC Group; @ETC_Group
  • Jerry McNerney United States' representative, California's Ninth Congressional District (D); @RepMcNerney
  • David Keith Professor of Applied Physics, Harvard; Faculty Director, Harvard's Solar Geoengineering Research Program; @DKeithClimate

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