The Simpsons, Star Wars and Spider-Man could all be owned by the same company, if Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox is approved.

More local TV stations could soon be owned by one controversial company.

And internet service providers could start changing how they treat streaming services and sites.

The media industry is changing fast, and the Federal Communication Commission’s rollback of regulations has only accelerated the changes. Supporters say it’s all in the interest of a better user experience. But consolidation and regulatory reforms raise serious questions over conflicts of interest and the integrity of the internet.

We sort through what all this means for us, the moviegoers, TV viewers and internet users on the other side of the screen.


  • David Folkenflik Media correspondent, NPR; author of "Murdoch's World: The Last of the Old Media Empires"; @davidfolkenflik
  • Gigi Sohn Distinguished fellow, Georgetown Institute for Technology Law & Policy; fellow, Open Society Foundations; former senior advisor to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler from 2013-2016; @gigibsohn
  • Daniel Lyons Professor, Boston College of Law; visiting fellow, American Enterprise Institute; @ProfDanielLyons

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