Having good conversations is Celeste Headlee's job.

Having good conversations is Celeste Headlee's job.

While seated at the Thanksgiving table, many of us will adroitly dance around certain topics. But no matter how careful we are, we inevitably step in it: someone says something disagreeable and the conversation devolves into debate, then argument.

Not this time.

To help you prepare, we’re putting together some of our best conversations about how to have conversations. First, Celeste Headlee, whose TED talk, “10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation,” has been viewed more than 11 million times.

Then, we check in with New York Times columnist David Leonhardt, who over the summer encouraged his readers to try and change their minds about a complex topic. We asked you to give it a try, too, and we’ll hear from one listener who convinced himself to think differently.


  • Celeste Headlee Host of Georgia Public Broadcasting's "On Second Thought"; author of a book on reviving conversation titled "We Need to Talk."
  • David Leonhardt Op-ed columnist, The New York Times; former editor, The Upshot; @DLeonhardt

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