Senate Candidate Roy Moore campaigns in Alabama.

Senate Candidate Roy Moore campaigns in Alabama.

Does Roy Moore’s campaign for Senate have a future? More women came forward this week with allegations of sexual misconduct against the former Alabama judge and outspoken evangelical. And more Republican lawmakers have come forward to say they believe the women and that Moore should remove himself from the race. Moore says the claims are false.

The reputation of Republicans is also riding on their ability to pass a new tax reform bill that looks more like a takedown of the Affordable Care Act. Can the majority party get tax reform done?

Plus, more lives were taken in another mass shooting. There was another hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the Hill. And Mattel celebrated Muslim women with a new Barbie doll.


  • Ron Elving Senior editor and correspondent, NPR
  • Eliana Johnson White House reporter, Politico
  • Jonathan Capehart Pulitzer Prize-winning opinion writer at The Washington Post and host of the "Cape Up" podcast

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