One thing often gets left out of the continued debate over healthcare: the care part.

As Congress weighs how best to insure Americans, some doctors are placing renewed focus on better medical treatment by connecting the dots between what happens in the exam room and America’s growing problem with addiction to prescription pain medicine.

A panel of physicians join us to discuss inefficient exams, malpractice and why pain can be a good thing.


  • Robert Pearl MD, former CEO of the Permanente Medical Group; author, "Mistreated: Why We Think We're Getting Good Health Care - And Why We're Usually Wrong;" @RobertPearlMD
  • Victoria Sweet Associate clinical professor of medicine at UC San Francisco; author, "Slow Medicine: The Way To Healing;" former physician
  • Aneesh Singla MD, pain physician; author, "Why it Hurts: a Physician's Insights on the Purpose of Pain;" @aneeshsinglamd

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