Rock 'n' roll legend Little Richard in costume during rehearsals for a 1972 concert.

Rock 'n' roll legend Little Richard in costume during rehearsals for a 1972 concert.

Here’s a game: Complete this lyric …

Tutti Frutti, ______

“Aw rooty” is on the record of Little Richard’s seminal hit, but the original rhyme was “good booty.” And that’s where NPR music critic Ann Powers gets the title of her new book.

It’s a decades-old cliche that parents complain their kids’ music is far more sexual than what they grew up with, but history teaches us that’s not true. By examining erotically androgynous stars, sensual dances and double (and sometimes single) entendre in lyrics, Powers makes the case that pop music has long been “America’s primary erotic art form.”


  • Ann Powers Music critic and correspondent, NPR; author of Good Booty: Love and Sex, Black and White, Body and Soul in American Music; @annkpowers

Songs Mentioned In The Book

This playlist features songs mentioned in Ann Powers’ book, “Good Booty.” As you can expect, not all the lyrics may be suitable for all listeners.

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