There had been concerns about the new Wonder Woman movie. Apart from the usual grumbles about casting from corners of the internet, critics and fans saw little to look forward to in the latest film in a series that included “Batman v. Superman” and “Suicide Squad,” which reviewers declared “tiresome, ill-tempered…dismal” and “by no means good,” respectively.

But then the movie came out, and suffering Sappho did it surprise. Critics were nearly unanimous with praise and moviegoers were just as generous, sending “Wonder Woman” to the biggest opening weekend for a movie directed by a woman.

But is the surprise success really that surprising? “Wonder Woman” is praised for its reliance on character development and sincerity, two traits missing from many superhero movies today. And the film has won significant praise for its handling of a character who has been a feminist icon since her debut in 1941.

What makes “Wonder Woman” a box office smash? How does it carry the character’s legacy? And with a sequel already in the works, what’s next for Diana of Themyscira? These questions and more are on the agenda for this month’s meeting of the 1A Movie Club.


  • Ann Hornaday Movie critic, The Washington Post; author of "Talking Pictures: How to Watch Movies"; @annhornaday
  • John Horn Host, "The Frame" on KPCC; @jghorn
  • Laura Boyes Film curator, North Carolina Museum of Art
  • Greg Rucka Writer for Wonder Woman comics; @ruckawriter

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