Comedian, actress and writer Robin Thede on "The Nightly Show," of which she was also head writer.

Comedian, actress and writer Robin Thede on "The Nightly Show," of which she was also head writer.

Who says politics is no laughing matter? The way we joke about our government and its leaders has evolved through the years. We have a panel of comedians that includes Negin Farsad, author of “How To Make White People Laugh,” and Trae Crowder of “The Liberal Redneck” Web series, to talk about the how far political humor has come and what’s on the horizon for a new era of comedy.


  • Negin Farsad Author, "How To Make White People Laugh"
  • Trae Crowder Comedian
  • Robin Thede Comedian


  • Trae Crowder gets into why he created the Liberal Redneck character.

  • Robin Thede discusses Larry Wilmore's speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. She was head writer for the event.

  • Listen 12:20

    Our guests discuss what drove them not just into comedy, but into political comedy.

  • Listen 19:50

    A listener asks why it seems that so many political comics lean to the left.

  • Listen 23:43

    Our guests discuss what they would do if President-elect Trump tweeted about them.

  • Listen 25:17

    What's the difference between snark and comedy?

  • Listen 32:34

    Our guests discuss whether satire and comedy normalize the extreme points of view they poke fun at.

  • Listen 35:19

    Another listener asks where all the conservative comedians are.

  • Listen 40:07

    A listener asks our guests whether they feel political satire is a safe practice anymore.

  • Listen 44:47

    Joshua does his impression of President Obama, though Robin Thede wonders if he's actually channeling Elvis.

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