A pro-Brexit poster hangs in Omagh.

A pro-Brexit poster hangs in Omagh.

The world ushered in 2017 with a heavy load of baggage carried over from last year. U.S. relations with Russia have developed a Cold War feel to them — far from the “re-set” envisioned early in the Obama administration. In Syria, the nearly 6-year-old civil war won’t be fully resolved anytime soon, despite a new round of peace talks this month. A deadly New Year’s Eve attack on an Istanbul nightclub foreshadows further turmoil in Turkey. The British government has the enormous task of orchestrating the nation’s Brexit from the European Union. And several EU nations will hold elections that could have dramatic consequences. Perhaps the biggest unknown is how Donald Trump will deal with these foreign policy challenges after he’s sworn in as the next U.S. president. Join 1A host Joshua Johnson as he talks with two veteran journalists who have decades of experience covering the world.


  • Daniel Franklin Executive editor, The Economist
  • Indira Lakshmanan Washington columnist for The Boston Globe and chair in journalism ethics at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies

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