Share Your Voice With 1A Using VoxPop

From the beginning, 1A has featured your voice. We’re dedicated to giving you an easy way to share your stories and thoughts about whatever we’re covering. We want you to tweet, text, dm, call or email us.

We have a smartphone app called VoxPop. VoxPop was developed by New Zealand’s public broadcaster, RNZ, and it lets you record short comments about a topic we’re working on and send them to us. The recordings you make sound clearer than a phone call, and sending them takes less time than dialing our number and leaving a voicemail.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Then, whenever you hear us mention it on air, you can open the app and send your thoughts.

We’d love to know how you like using the app. You can send your thoughts about it to 1a -at- Please include “VoxPop” in the subject line.