A Note From Our Executive Producer About Our Comments Section

We are grateful for the engagement and contributions we receive about the show, our guests, the topics and whatever else might be on your mind. We are going to be making some changes to our website, and we’re still working on this redesign, so nothing is happening immediately.

We hope the information about the show, our guests and our topics will be easier to find and share. But part of this redesign includes changes we will make to the comments section on each segment page.

We don’t have endless resources. We cannot be everywhere. That makes it hard to moderate comments, and we have noticed that lewd bots have found a way in. On May 20, we’ll be shutting down our comments section.

Further, given the technical vulnerabilities on this platform and the limited number of users who comment, our plans for the new site do not include a comments section. That decision is not about shutting down debate.  It’s an effort to have a better one; with more users and on platforms where users can be verified, and the bots can be called out and blocked.

Whether it is on Facebook or Twitter, we have plenty of other areas where folks can engage, debate, argue and ask questions. There’s also the 1A app, VoxPop, old-fashioned email and our text club. We will concentrate on building audience engagement and feedback in the future in these areas, and you can find the links to all those platforms here.

We look forward to your feedback about the comments section, what you’d like to see from our new website or anything else you’d like to share with us.

1A‘s Executive Producer, Rupert Allman