1A’s Joshua Johnson talks with Mike Eberhard of SRC Energy (Photo Credit: Amanda Williams/WAMU)

1A Across America is a two-year collaboration to incorporate more local and regional viewpoints into the national conversation. Leading up to the 2020 general election, 1A’s production team will work with six public media stations that are deeply rooted in their communities to bring each region’s underreported issues and concerns to 1A’s national audience.

This project seeks to rectify identified gaps in national news coverage. 1A Across America will tell nuanced, deeply sourced stories from communities that have been underreported on a national level. These will be heard through on-air discussions and interviews, field reporting and live events.

Our partners:

  • WBHM in Birmingham; airs across Birmingham and Fort Payne, Alabama
  • Michigan Radio; airs across Southeast Michigan, Flint and West Michigan
  • KUNC; Community Radio for Northern Colorado
  • Houston Public Media News 88.7; serves the Greater Houston region
  • KMUW; airs across the greater Wichita, Kansas, region
  • MPR News; signal can be heard by 95 percent of Minnesotans

1A producer James Morrison speaks with high school students in Birmingham, Alabama (Photo Credit: Adrienne Keel Mitchell)

In collaboration with partner stations, 1A Across America spoke to young voters in Alabama and Michigan and suburban voters in Texas and Minnesota from across the political spectrum about what issues and candidates resonate with them, and why.

Health care is a top concern for many listeners in these six 1A Across America regions. In the first of many health care segments, 1A Across America explored the lack of medical care in rural areas by learning about the impact of hospital closures in rural Kansas.

In Northern Minnesota, 1A Across America met with local miners to learn more about how global trade and tariff disputes are impacting their lives and politics.

A man takes aim at a shooting range near Greeley, Colorado. (Photo Credit: James Morrison/WAMU)

In Colorado, gun enthusiasts and family members of victims of gun violence told 1A Across America about their views on firearms, while lawmakers personally impacted by gun violence explained how the state’s approach to gun control has been shaped by mass shootings and the gun culture of the American West.

1A Across America’s first live-audience event was held in March 2019 in Weld County, Colorado, a key oil and gas extraction and drilling region of Colorado. Local residents and oil workers shared their views as we explored the tension between increased oil and natural gas drilling near residential areas.

Industry officials and the Democratic Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, KC Becker, answered questions on how to balance the economic benefits of this thriving industry with concerns about health, safety and the environment. Host Joshua Johnson also toured an oil and gas extraction site to learn more about the industry and producers met with residents and workers.

A Bella Romero Academy parent asks a question during a 1A Across America event in March 2019 on the future of oil and gas in Colorado. (Photo Credit: Esther Honig/KUNC)

Upcoming trips and live events in 2019:

  • April 8-10 in Houston
  • May 14-16 in Detroit with Michigan Radio
  • August 28-31 at the Minnesota State Fair with MPR
  • October 7-9 in Wichita with KMUW
  • November 12-15 in Birmingham with WBHM
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1A Across America Staff

Field reporter James Morrison is an experienced journalist who has worked on numerous podcasts. He is also an award-winning broadcast reporter whose stories have aired on Morning Edition, Here & Now, The World and multiple public radio member stations. He began his career as show producer for Capital Public Radio in Sacramento, California.

Live events producer Amanda Williams joined 1A as an intern a year ago after working as an award-winning newspaper reporter in Virginia and a student fellow at the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Since then, she has been involved in every aspect of the show’s production, including live events and remote broadcasts. She has now been brought on as 1A Across America’s full-time live events producer.

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1A Across America is funded through a grant from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. CPB is a private, nonprofit corporation created by Congress in 1967 that is the steward of the federal government’s investment in public broadcasting. CPB is also the largest single source of funding for research, technology, and program development for public radio, television and related online services.

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