Scientists are organizing an unprecedented march in Washington, DC and other cities in April to show support for the evidence-based scientific method. Many scientists are concerned with President Trump’s positions on climate change, environmental issues, and proposed funding cuts for the EPA and NOAA. Some scientists have even decided to run for office. But other scientists think these efforts will hurt their fields by tainting research as partisan.


  • Rush Holt CEO, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Executive Publisher of Science; physicist; former Democratic member of Congress representating New Jersey's 12th Congressional District.
  • Ayana Elizabeth Johnson Marine biologist and strategy consultant for ocean conservation. She is one of the main organizers of the March for Science on April 22.
  • Robert Young Professor of coastal geology and director of the program from the study of developed shorelines at Western Carolina University in North Carolina.
  • Shaughnessy Naughton Founder of 314 Action, a 501(c)4 organization that supports scientists running for political office; trained chemist; former candidate in the Democratic congressional primary in Pennsylvania.

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